Friday, April 01, 2011

Shake it, Cali

...This is why I picked Cali over Florida for Memorial Day. Seriously - can it just be May 27th already???

...I actually like the Florida beaches better. I think the water is prettier there, to be honest. But wow. Check out the view from the cliffs.

Tha Crew

Let me introduce you to the people who I spend the majority of my time with these days. They make me happy.

This is Kenna and Megan. Kenna lives across the street from me. We consume more coffee than anybody else in the world. And we laugh so much. Could be from all the caffeine. It's whatever :) Kenna is my person. She's the one that I talk to about everything. Everything. And she never judges, no matter what. It's hard to find people like that. I'm thankful for her.
Megan, is maybe the craziest person I've ever known. We butt heads at times, because we're both way too head strong. But we always end up hugging it out and laughing. She's so much fun. She makes me laugh and keeps me out way too late :) I love that girl.

And this is Kenna and Mindy. You've met Kenna. Now meet Mindy. Mindy is the person whose life is most like mine. It's bizarre, how similar our experiences have been. We get each other. We have heart to heart talks, no defenses up. I love all these girls.

This is Damon - a.k.a. "DHall"
This guy has my heart. We have been through it. We've had our ups and downs, we've had our growing pains. We've struggled at times. We've broken up at times. But through it all, we've always, always been there for each other. He always has my back.

...he's silly. He makes me laugh. But he's also one of the most real people I've ever known. He has a genuine heart. And he's HOT with a mustache, yes? Haha :)

...and these are the boys of the group. JohnBoy (Kenna's husband), DHall and Crazy Ryan. I love them all. And I feel so lucky to be surrounded by all of these people.

I am, indeed, a lucky girl.

Two Short Years

Wow. So yesterday was the two year anniversary of my divorce.
It's so hard to believe that it's been two years.
So hard to believe that time can fly that quickly.
Here I sit, two years later - driving the same car, working the same job, living in the same house, as I did two years ago.
And yet everything's so different.

I don't even know the person that I was then. I was the girl who put on a happy face for the world and was dying on the inside. You wouldn't have known it. You would have just seen the smile. But I knew it. And I felt like such a fraud then.

I'm not sorry that I married him. We grew up together essentially. I was 19 when I met him. I was 29 when I divorced him. He taught me how to be strong. How to be tough. How to roll with the punches that life throws at you. How to love. How to hate. And finally, how to let go.

Don't get me wrong - he's not a bad person. It's just the combination of US that was bad. I brought out the worst in him more often than I brought out the best. I wasn't faultless in that. I can be so frustrating at times. I know that.

There are times that I wonder how he's doing. Hoping that he's found true happiness. Hoping that he's doing well. Hoping that he can, at some point, forgive me for my fault in our problems. And hoping that he knows that I've forgiven him.

It is amazing. Time really does heal all wounds, doesn't it?